What is the organic spiritual life of our community?

Does our city have a intersubjective inner life?

Is anything transpersonal emerging between our different efforts, journeys and epiphanies?

Wouldn’t you like to find out?

Beyond Interfaith is devoted to starting this discussion.  We believe that every region should periodically engage in an open forum of embodied sharing on the subject of what’s going on in our collective inner lives.  To take even a short time to share something of our experience — conclusions, concerns, glimmers, epiphanies — and to hear what’s really going on for others has tremendous potential.

WHERE?  Church of Truth /111 Superior Street / Victoria / British Columbia.

WHEN?  January 24 / 7-8PM

HOW MUCH?  Entrance is by donation.  Free living food snacks.

HOW WILL IT WORK?  Super simple.  A guided group exercise in three rounds.  (1) Everyone will be invited to say part of whatever’s on their mind (or heart) about their own spiritual life.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  How does that whole part of your life seem?  No talkbalk or debating. (2) Having heard everyone else, each person is invited to say what they wish they had said the first time. (3) Everyone is invited to say something about what they feel everyone has in common… or what they hear or half-hear emerging between and through everyone.

WHO IS IT FOR?  Anyone, regardless of their involve or non-involvement in any organized religious or spiritual communities, who is engage in self-cultivation, inner exploration, spiritual pondering or spiritual practice (whether you like to call it that or not).  And also for anyone whose inner life is active but may be cut off from other people, from the cultural life of the community or from other pathways and methods that we have not concentrated upon in our lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity & think seriously if there is anyone you know who should go to this.  We may all be different mushrooms growing from the same invisible mycelial networks:

Richard Giblett Recent work : 2006-2009 Represented by Galerie Dusseldorf 21. Mycelium Rhizome, 2009 Pencil on paper 120 x 240 cm Collection of the artist Represented by Galerie Dusseldorf

Interested in starting something like this in your area? We’re interested in that too!